12 Ways To Stretch Your Health Insurance Dollar

12 Ways To Stretch Your Health Insurance Dollar

Having good health insurance is an important part of staying healthy. In today’s post, I’ve focused on providing the kind of tips you will need to find, buy and keep good health insurance. So with that said, let’s jump right in.

1) Use your parents health plan to start with

You’ll need to check this yourself, but I believe if you are under the age of 26 (in the USA), you can be covered under your parents’ insurance plan, though as time goes by, and you have your regular income, you may want to consider getting your own health insurance coverage.

2) Take advantage of employer in-house incentives

If your place of employment offers insurance, take advantage of the employee-based insurance it provides. Many employers offer in-house incentives for their employees aimed at helping them to live longer, healthier lifestyles. You might be able to sign up for fitness programs, therefore lowering your own costs while improving your fitness at the same time.

3) Do not volunteer any information to health companies

You may sometimes receive calls from insurance companies attempting  to solicit services or ask for applications. Only give them the questions they directly ask you, (if you choose to answer). If you give them additional information they did not ask for, they may record it, or worse still, deny you insurance coverage at all.

4) Choose the type of health insurance plan that best for you.

You can select a POS, PPO or HMO. Each has disparate benefits that you will need to research and decide on before purchasing. Be sure to select the option that enable you to keep seeing your current physician.

5) You should read your health insurance policy.

Although it can seem tedious, you will benefit from knowing all the information. Some insurance companies will not offer you coverage because of your pre-existing condition, and those that will provide coverage often charge these people much higher premiums. Just be sure you look over the enrollment form in its’ entirety so as to avoid negative issues sometime down the road when you need your health insurance the most.

6) Do you qualify for a medical card?

You may qualify for a medical card, which further qualifies you for savings with your insurance carrier. These cards will allow you to see doctors in physician networks who provide services at little to no cost for the less fortunate.

7) Be prepared to discuss your health care needs

When beginning your search, have on hand all the documents you need, be prepared to discuss your health care needs and wants, and do thorough research on a few companies prior to choosing one so that you are happy with the health insurance policy you finally end up with.

8) Consider switching to a vegetarian diet

Health insurance plans can be costly if you have a life-threatening disease, so consider switching to a vegetarian diet in an effort to prevent the development of some diseases. The medical establishment has confirmed that poor dietary habits contribute to chronic diseases. These are expensive to treat. A vegetarian diet may prevent some types of chronic diseases. Many insurance companies encourage a healthy diet with premium reductions.

9) Use health insurance to pay less on taxes!

Not everyone is aware of this fact, but (at this time of writing), the amount of money you pay in for health insurance premiums can actually be claimed on your taxes. You can also include all money paid for prescriptions, your deductibles, doctor visits, co-pays and any other non-covered medical expense. Take this as non-professional advice. It is always best to seek out a professional financial advisor when it come to your finances.

10) Do you need information about your policy that you would like to ask?

You only need to make a call to get the answers you need. Most insurance companies have a customer service number you can call. You can speak to Customer service representatives who can provide you with specific information that can save you a lot of stress, aggravation and money.

11) Be careful when crossing state borders

Private insurers are regulated by the local state government insurance agencies, which means (in a lot of cases) you can’t use your health insurance across state lines. If you go to a hospital in another state, your policy might not cover the expenses, so be aware!

12) Health Insurance for the Kids

I couldn’t end without mentioning how important health insurance is not only for you, but for children too. You must take parental responsibility and insure the kids so they always have cover for preventative care as well as illnesses and injuries.

That’s it for today, having being healthy is an important part of life which we often overlook. Having good health coverage is vital for maintaining your health for the odd occasion when things do, and will go wrong. Use what you’ve learned in today’s post and ensure you are always covered by high-quality health insurance.

I’ll be back again next week with some more health insurance tips. In the meantime time, start from wherever you are, use whatever it is you have, and most importantly, do whatever you can do.

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