6 Health Insurance Tips You Should Take To Heart

6 Health Insurance Tips You Should Take To Heart

Regardless of your specific situation, a strong basic knowledge will assist you in locating the best value health insurance. If you take the 6 health insurance tips in today’s post to heart, it will make you much better informed consumer.

1) Check to see if their policies are changing.

Before re-enrolling with your current health insurance company, check to see if their policies are changing. Some companies will be increasing their rates, and if yours falls under this category, you will feel the hit in your back pocket when you eventually decide to re-enroll. So with that said, check around with other health insurance companies to make sure you are still getting the best deal available.

2) Do not make chit-chat with them.

Keep in mind that health insurance representatives tend to record your conversations to possibly use against you at a later time. Always be courteous and polite, but remind yourself that they are not your friend or family member. Do not make chit-chat with them, or tell them anything about yourself that they have not asked. Being friendly is one thing, but stick to the facts, and avoid saying anything which may incriminate you at a later stage.

3) Seek out some type of group policy.

In terms of finding the most affordable health insurance for you and your family, it helps tremendously if you seek out some type of group policy. You can not only get in a group policy via your employer, but there are other options you can turn to, (like extended family), in order to purchase large group policies.

4) You may qualify for discount rates.

If you work from home or work for a small company, you may still be able to make arrangements to get group insurance rates by banding together with a group of people for the purpose of applying for health insurance coverage. By forming a club or an association for your particular type of work, you may qualify for discount rates.

5) You can deduct your insurance premiums.

Having health insurance when you are self-employed is sometimes very costly, but the good thing is that you can deduct your insurance premiums when you file your taxes. You can also deduct individual medical expenses when they start to exceed a certain portion of your adjusted gross yearly income. I’m not a finacial advisor, accountant or anything of that nature, so when it comes to your tax deductibles, always seek out a the help of professional, but, if you are self-employed, do keep this tip in mind for the future.

6) Get quotes from multiple insurance companies.

Researching health insurance prices by getting quotes from multiple insurance companies helps you find a good health insurance policy at an affordable rate. You can use forms online to submit a quote request from multiple companies at once, and it is also advisable to check with local health insurance companies for quotes as well.

In closing, as you have seen that health insurance doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety and stress.

When you adhere to the basics we’ve spoken about in today’s post, it can really be pretty easy to find the insurance you need. Just remember what you’ve learned today and your health insurance worries will be a thing of the past.

I’ll be back again next week with some more health insurance tips. In the meantime time, start from wherever you are, use whatever it is you got, and most importantly, do whatever you can do.

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